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Jul 23, 2011 6:00pm EDT
again. mike? >> reporter: well, the big story now is power outages. there are more than 11,000 people without power. a big chunk are in baltimore city. 5400 also, in the pikesville area. it's not a day you want to be without air-conditioning. >> reporter: another day of heat and frustration. particularly among gbe customers in the peak rewards program. she's in a it degree home with her 5 month old niece and her dog. >> it's not coming on. i'm getting all [ indiscernible ] feel how hots the. you can feel the heat. how you doing? air-conditioning working? >> no, it's burning up. >> reporter: volunteers made sure people were okay in the record breaking heat wave. first of all, they have the fans and whatever. >> reporter: today was cooler than yesterday, the power systems were stressed. thousands were without power. >> when you add to it, more and more power running through the lines and you factor in the external temperatures. a lot of power lines are aboveground. >> it keeps me cool. >> reporter: there have been 20 deaths nationwide since the heat wave began. >> reporter: city pools h
Jul 2, 2011 6:00pm EDT
baltimore school leaders running. now they're considering a big change that has some parents upset. more on the school watch report. >> reporter: gigi bar net has more. >> reporter: after three years of back-to-back games, baltimore school leaders saw an across the board dip in test scores this year, reading results dropped by a little more than three percentage points, and math scores falling more at nearly 5%. now the question is how to get back on track. the answer may be here. >> we see the model that works in some of our schools, and the question is can we link it to particular grades. >> reporter: one expert wants a longer school week to begin for students in the fifth and 8th grades, he says that is just before students go off to meanwhile and high schools. and it is where the school leaders are seeing the biggest drop off. >> well, many, many of our kids, you need to stretch time in a way that allows us to -- dive deep into what some of the barriers to success might be. >> but will it work? >> the weekend family time, make it simple, extend the school year, add more days. >> pare
Jul 9, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, something real big happened on the mound today. not involving either one of ,,,, >>> well, i have a few yankees fans excited about jeter today. >> well, major milestone. derek jeter etched another chapper into the annals. here's the yankee's co-captain. 3-2 pitch and one out. bye bye baseball. left field and one lucky fan got the souvenir of a lifetime. it's his 3000th hit. his first hit, august 30th, 1995 against the mariners. so, derek jeter and that guy, the only players among 28 to reach the 3000 hit plateau with a home run. just how low can the birds go. last night at fenway park, a professional play that looked amateurish. hardy misplayed two balls and felix couldn't catch a ball. that was big poppy to the right. red sox scored eight building an 8-0 lead. in thibleth in-- in the 8th inning, let's fast forward. he shouts at the slugger. that ignites a clearing ball. and they had words earlier, all of this adding up to another -- the words only go so far for those struggling birds. >> no, we're playing the game of baseball. you have to ask david what he was thinking. you know, it's
Jul 10, 2011 6:30pm EDT
but for the global economy because the u.s. is such a big part of the deal. >> susan mcginnis. >>> late this afternoon president oe baa ma told lawmakers they need to work out this deal on the debt in the next 10 days, we'll let you know as soon as they reach a compromise. a famous theater is trashed by vandals in broad daylight. around 7:00 this morning. someone smashed the windows of the ed sullivan theater. that's where david letterman tapes his show. they believe dave whitmore was drunk when broke into the building. >>> an ohio father risks his life to save his son from the bottom of a deep well. the 3-year-old boy fell into that well when the rotting plywood on top of his gave way. he quickly climbed down the slippery rocks and got into the water to help. >> just amazing what you can do if your son or daughter is trapped in a well screaming and crying for your name. you will do pretty much about anything. >> reporter: he was also trapped for a while but he did keep his son above the water until a fire department official arrived. firefighters used ropes to pull both of them to saf
Jul 30, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. >> tropical storm don fizzled over texas. it created big waves on the coast, but the national weather service says the storm dropped less than an inch of rain before it passed into mexico. many texans were hoping the storm would help ease the state's drought. but it was a disa -- disappointment to ranchers. >>> britain celebrates another royal wedding. today, married english rugby star. prince william, wife kate middleton, and the british monarch herself were among them. the couple met in a bar, in snoi, australia -- sydney, australia, during the 2003 rugby campaign. >> i wonder if her dress is going to get as much height as kate's will. >> so welcome to the weekend. nice once again. >> thank you. nice to be here again. >> and a hot one. not quite as extreme as yesterday. but we were talking about quite a stretch of hot weather here. today makes it the 14th day in a row, where we're 90 or above. so yes. this is where we sit right now. we're still in the 90s outside. we're coming in at 94 degrees. and temperatures are going to continue to run very warm, as we head through the next few days. we
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5